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8 December 2011
Boris Danev presents Enabling Secure VM-vTPM Migration in Private Clouds at ACSAC in Orlando, Florida

21 October 2011
Ghassan Karame presents Privacy-Preserving Outsourcing of Brute-Force Key Searches at CCSW in Chicago, IL.

18 October 2011
Nils Ole Tippenhauer presents On the Requirements for Successful GPS Spoofing Attacks at CCS in Chicago, IL.

15 September 2011
Srdjan Capkun gives a keynote at TrustED on On Physical-Layer Identification of RFID Tags in Leuven, Belgium.

12 September 2011
Christina Pöpper presents Investigation of Signal and Message Manipulations on the Wireless Channel at ESORICS in Leuven, Belgium.

27 July 2011
Davide Zanetti presents On The Practicality of UHF RFID Fingerprinting: How Real is the RFID Tracking Problem? at PETS in Waterloo, CA.

7 July 2011
Prof. Srdjan Capkun is now an Associate Professor at ETH

27 June 2011
Srdjan Capkun gives the invited talk On Physical-Layer Identification of RFID Tags at RFIDsec in Amherst, Massachusetts

1 April 2011
Srdjan Capkun presents On Secure Access to Medical Implants at the SPIMD Workshop in EPFL, Lausanne.

31 March 2011
Aurelién Francillon presents the paper Pay as you Browse: Microcomputations as Micropayments in Web-based Services at WWW in Hyderabad, India

7 February 2011
Aurelién Francillon presents the paper Relay Attacks on Passive Keyless Entry and Start Systems in Modern Cars at NDSS in San Diego, US

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