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Dr. Claudio Marforio

CNB F 100.5

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Short bio

I am one of the co-founders of Futurae Technologies AG, a Zurich-based startup focusing on strong authentication that improves the customer journey.

I received my PhD from ETH Zurich with the thesis: "Smartphone Security: New Applications and Challenges". I received my Bachelor's degree from the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Lugano, in Computer Science. The Bachelor's thesis work is: "Simulation of a Variant of DV/DRP in a Clustered Content-Based Network". I received my Master's degree from ETH Zurich in the Security Track with the thesis "Timed Data Deletion on Mobile Devices". My research interests are based around system and network security with a focus on mobile devices.

I'm the ITC (sysadmin) for the System Security Group and the Information Security Group.


You can find a list of papers I have (co-)authored at the institute publication page or on DBLP.


Project (co-)supervisor

I have co-supervised the following Student Projects / Master Thesis:

  • Severin Wischmann, Emulation of an x86 Many-core Platform, Master Thesis, SS 2014
  • Pedro Mendez Montejano, Realization of a Framework for VM and VMM monitoring, Semester Project, SS 2014
  • Fabian Aggeler, Implementation of ARM TrustZone in QEMU, Master Thesis, SS 2014
  • Daniela Meier, Realizing and Implementing Location-based Access Control Policies, Master Thesis, FS2013
  • Dominik Landtwing, An Investigation of Secure Execution Environments, Master Thesis, FS2013
  • Damiano Boppart, Android Application Behavior Analysis, Semester Project, SS2013
  • Ivan Jovanovic, Investigation of the Effectiveness of Binary Instrumentation for Monitoring Application Execution, Master Thesis, SS2013
  • Nicolas Rüegg, Analysis of the SSL-Certificate Landscape and Proposal for an Extended Validation Method, Master Thesis, SS2013
  • Pascal Fischl, Android Applications Analysis System, Bachelor Thesis, FS2012
  • Der-Yeuan Yu, USB Communication Security: Threats and Countermeasures, Master Thesis, FS2012
  • Nikolaos Karapanos, Title Obscured, Master Thesis, FS2012
  • Hubert Ritzdorf, Analyzing Covert Channels on Mobile Devices, Master Thesis, SS2012


The following is a list of courses I have been involved in:

  • System Security, Spring Semester 2012, course no. 252-1414-00L (5 ECTS).
  • Security of Wireless Networks, Autumn Semester 2010, course no. 251-1411-00L (4 ECTS).
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